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Design the Perfect Kitchen

If you've been promising yourself a new kitchen for years, now is a great time to take the plunge. Whether you prefer sleek modern kitchen cabinets, warm woodgrains, or classic shaker, there's a design to suit your budget.


Our custom kitchens range from traditional to modern, handmade to stand the test of time. Everything is made to measure, with kitchen designers on hand to help you choose from an extensive selection of sink cabinets, islands, pantries, butchers blocks, and more; all custom made to fit your exacting personal needs and room specifications, with carefully chosen accessories and finishes for a truly bespoke kitchen. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and listening to you, our customer. Whether you want to add a new focal feature, fitted or unfitted kitchen, utility room, or dining area, we will discuss all of the options, so that you can make informed decisions. We can also give advice with consideration to our own design ethos or put together a completely personalised color palette and materials for your kitchen. All of this helps to achieve something truly inspiring—beautiful spaces containing the finest quality furniture that will last for hundreds of years to come.


When you are trying to create a new look or setting for your kitchen, selecting the perfect countertop can be difficult and time-consuming. The large selection of countertop materials can make it challenging to pick the right one for your lifestyle and space. Your ideal kitchen countertop should have a unique style, durability and require low maintenance. Considering these three key elements, let's narrow your search down to three of the main countertop materials, quartz, marble, and granite, all of which provide a wonderful solution that meets these ideal qualifications. When deciding on what material to use for your kitchen countertop, you cannot go wrong with picking quartz, marble or granite. Not only will these materials bring liveliness to your home but each provide their own benefits. Quartz countertops will provide you with maintenance advantages that nature itself is not able to, while marble and granite require higher maintenance. Neither quartz, marble, nor granite will disappoint in terms of overall look and style.


Quartz countertops are fabricated from natural quartz, one of the hardest minerals found in the Earth, and small amounts of glass or metallic flecks are added to create variety, resulting in beautiful countertops. We buy our quartz countertops from American vendors with unmatched craftsmanship reputations. They select the purest natural quartz and work from start to finish to bring you some of the world's finest stone surfaces. By using the finest ingredients, they are able to create a design palette with breathtaking beauty and exquisite depth and clarity. It offers beauty similar to natural stone in a wide range of colors and extraordinary textures. Their most recent innovations include selections that may be backlit to add dramatic new elegance to any space. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing quartz:


Granite is a natural rock that is cut in its natural state and is then polished for use in homes. Maintenance after each use is suggested to prevent staining with granite. To clean granite, use warm water and soap to help keep its shine. Such a strong material is difficult to scratch and is able to resist temperature changes. Because it is natural stone, granite doesn't provide as wide of a range of color options and each piece is different, therefore, often times kitchens need to be planned around the slab that is chosen. That being said, planning a kitchen around a granite countertop is not always a simple task.


Marble is beloved as a timeless and classic material, adding a note of luxury to any room. But there are a few things to know before you choose marble for your kitchen. Marble is a metamorphic stone found in the mountains. Marble forms over millions of years when, under lots of heat and pressure, limestone changes physically and chemically into something harder and denser, in a process known as recrystallization. Marble is found in the oldest layers of earth's crust. Marble is available in more than just shades of white and gray: slabs can be found in hues of white, black, gray, yellow, green, pink, and gold. Interestingly, the rich colors and veining are the result of impurities present during the recrystallization process, like sand, silt, and clay—imperfections that create the beautiful marbles we prize.

Marble is also known to absorb oils from the skin, taking on colorations from the hands of those who gather and cook in your kitchen. Our advice for living with marble? Embrace stains, etching, wear, and tear, and think of them, not as imperfections, but as reminders of the life lived in your home.